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Degrees Offered: B.A., M.A.

Chair: Lin, Sinn-Cheng (林信成)

internal ext. 2814


The Department of Information and Library Science at Tamkang University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees leading to Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts. The programs prepare students for careers in the government, business, schools, libraries or information centers, and research institutions through training in the techniques and applications of library and information science as well as multimedia technology. Tamkang University Library, with its extensive collections in many subject areas, offers support to the teaching and research programs in library and information science. In addition, the programs in communications and media technology actively provide students with the capability to deal with multimedia related to digital libraries. The areas of specialization are library automation, library collections, information organization, bibliographic references, management of information systems, information retrieval, automated reference services, information systems resource management, bibliometrics, digitalimage processing, multimedia production, electronic publishing and the book trade. A number of assistantships are available for part-time employment in the library, the Department, and other units on the campus.


Chiu, Jeong-Yeou (邱炯友); Huang, Hong-Chu (黃鴻珠)

Associate Professors
Chen, Ho-Chin (陳和琴); Lin, Sinn-Cheng (林信成);
Ouyang, Chung-Jang (歐陽崇榮); Song, Sheue-Fang (宋雪芳);

Assistant Professors
Lai, Ling-Ling (賴玲玲); Lin, Su-Kan (林素甘);
Lin, Wen-Yau Cathy(林雯瑤)

Ma, Shao-Chuan (馬少娟)


項目符號Degree Requirements

1. Requirements for a Bachelor's degree in Arts:

Successful completion of  139 credits of courses, including 99 credits of required courses and 37 credits of optional courses.

2. Requirements for a Master's degree in Arts:

Successful completion of 26 credits of courses, including 4 credits of required courses and 22 credits of Seminar, Students are also required to submit a written master's thesis completed under the supervision of a faculty member, and pass an Oral Examination.


Tel: 02-26222520
Fax: 02-26209931
Email: dils@mail.tku.edu.tw
Address: Department of Information and Library Science, Tamkang University, No.151, Yingzhuan Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 25137, Taiwan (R.O.C.).